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Blair's Controlled Death Sauce

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Cases contain random colors of the box (red, yellow or black). Inside each box, there are also random color bottles. The color of the box does not mean the color of the bottle will be the same.

Blair keeps the surprises coming .... Note: Blair made the box so that it can be opened on one side "without" breaking the seal. This will allow you to display the product and still be able to sell it. Please be sure to display someplace safely as this can be a very dangerous product in the wrong hands (especially children).

Totally Unique: The Only Sauce that Allows "You" to Control Your Own Heat! This amazing New Skulled Kit contains a bottle of Controlled Death Sauce (Super Hot), a vial of highly refined Pure Capsaicin resin topping over 10.3 million Scoville Units of Fury, and a Borosilicate glass injector so that you can "Control your Death." Just use the injector to pull extract from the vial and add to the sauce. The amount of heat is up to you. After 30 + years of inventing many of the Hottest products on Planet Earth, Blair found the use of gloves can really be a game changer in protecting your hands and body. So he's got you covered, just lift the box insert to find a pair of quality disposable Vinyl Nitrile Gloves. There has been the most amazing energies, Luv, and Karma put into each one of these kits.


Product Info

Heat Level
Extra Hot

5 oz