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Flatiron Pepper Co. Smoke Show

$ 7.95

A delicious blend of Smoked Ghost, Chipotle, and Carolina Reaper. Only chile pepper flakes, nothing else!

One of the most consistent requests we've received over the past year has been for a hotter, smoky blend. Well, we listened and developed "Smoke Show". If you like smoky flavors and have a high tolerance for heat, this is THE blend for you. This blend combines some pretty delicious, premium chile peppers: Smoked Ghost, Chipotle, & Carolina Reaper. The result is a smoky firestorm that is guaranteed to elevate whatever dish you choose.

We've been enjoying this blend in a variety of dishes, but we made Mac&Cheese and smoked a brisket with it last week and WOW was it delicious! This blend delivers a ton of smoke and a ton of heat! Due to its high heat level, we recommend using it on dishes with a higher carb/fat content to help soak up the heat and disperse the smoky goodness.

***Warning: This blend is extremely spicy and carries a high Scoville Heat Rating of over 350k. Please use with caution!***

Product Info

Heat Level
Extra Hot

2.3 oz shaker jar

Smoked Ghost Pepper,  Chipotle Pepper, Carolina Reaper