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Little Free Library

We’re all readers in this mom is a children’s librarian and my wife is a teacher. Little Juliette is already crazy about books – although we have to remind her sometimes they are for reading and not eating!

With a love of reading come the inevitable stacks of books. Over here they are in all the nooks and crannies of our house. I just can’t throw a book away.

Enter the Little Free Library.


We’ve had ours out for a year or so now and we all just love it. Donny from the Walking Horse Gallery puts his leftovers in as well and we get a fair amount of books left behind by our patrons. Slowly but surely it’s building up a regular crowd.

 I find the most interesting aspect seeing what gets taken and what sits around in there forever collecting dust. A James Patterson novel goes pretty quick…a paperback of poetry by Jewel – not so much (sorry Margie). That sad copy of Primary Colors that you see in the picture has been sitting there for at least 9 months!

It’s just nice to see your books live on and be enjoyed by new minds…feels so much more gratifying than getting a nickel each at Half Price Books.

 Although we get the occasional beer bottle or half eaten funnel cake, for the most part people seem to really respect the Little Free Library and that makes this book lover a happy camper.

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